You Think It, I'll Say It - Curtis Sittenfeld



I received this book for free through LibraryThing’s Early Reviewers.


This collection of short stories was so amazing! 


I’ve only ever read Curtis Sittenfeld’s novel, Prep. I read that a long time ago (like around 10 years ago) but I do remember that I enjoyed it. I’ve never read any of her short stories so I did not know what to expect. 


I was blown away by how good ALL the stories were. Usually with short story collections, there will be some stories I liked and some that I didn’t. But with this collection I can honestly say that I liked them all. I was trying to decide which one was my favorite, but after much debating, I just couldn’t pick one! 


Subject-wise, all the stories were very current. A lot of them dealt with motherhood and marriage. 


I really liked how the book came full circle. The very first story mentioned the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump and the last story mentioned the election of Donald Trump. That connection gave the book a sense of closure, which you don’t really see in short story collections.


Curtis Sittenfeld’s writing style is phenomenal. She writes with such an ease that makes it all seem so effortless. She is truly a talented writer. 


Overall, if you are looking for a quality short story collection, then definitely pick this book up!