Voices from the Second World War: Stories of War as Told to Children of Today - Candlewick Press

I received this book for free through LibraryThing’s Early Reviewers.


Although this book is aimed at kids, this was an incredibly powerful read. The book features first hand accounts of the war and some of them are absolutely heartbreaking. It was so interesting to note that for many of the people interviewed, they didn’t start talking about the war until recently. They had kept it a secret for so long. I really loved how this book preserved their memories so that future generations can hear their stories.


I also learned quite a bit from this book. This book features a European perspective on the war, and as an American, there were some things I never heard of. For example, I had no idea there was an organization called Land Girls. Speaking of women, I liked how this book explored what women did during the war. Women made a huge contribution to the war effort, and I’m glad it was not forgotten.


Overall, this is an amazing and comprehensive book about World War II. if you are interested in learning hearing real stories from WWII, I highly recommend you pick this book up.