Something in Between - Melissa  de la Cruz

This book was everything.


As a Filipino American I have never read a book about my culture until this. This book proves that representation matters. I related to all the Filipino parts. I loved the use of Tagalog words and Filipino food throughout the novel. One of my favorite quotes was when Jasmine described her brother as being “louder and more dramatic than anybody else, which really means something when you come from a Filipino family” (40). That is so damn true.


Thank you so much Melissa de la Cruz for writing this book. I’ve been waiting for her to write another book about the Filipino experience and this book couldn’t have been any more timely. It perfectly encapsulates the experiences undocumented immigrants go through. I really felt Jasmine’s frustration.


Overall, this is a must read for young adults in today’s world and hopefully this book can inspire future leaders to make positive changes in regards to immigration.