Superman Vol. 1: Before Truth - John Romita Jr., Gene Luen Yang

So I received this book by mistake. I had won a Cyborg comic from DC via Goodreads' giveaways but they accidentally sent me this book. I was actually pretty happy getting this book because it's written by Gene Luen Yang, who is an Asian American. I love supporting my fellow Asians.


I didn't know what to expect from this. The only volume of comics I've read is Squirrel Girl, and needless to say her comics are in a league of her own. For some reason I was expecting this to be super serious like the DC movies are, but thank goodness this wasn't.


I really liked this. It was entertaining and kept me engaged throughout. It felt like I was watching a Superman movie. There was a ton of action and parts of it were funny (although not laugh out loud funny like Squirrel Girl). I also enjoyed seeing Batman and the rest of the Justice League in the first comic. Overall, a great comic collection.